Common childhood illnesses & well-being
A parent's guide for children aged 5-11


During these years we can start to lay the foundations for positive long-term development.

It is also the perfect time for families to adopt a positive attitude to their health and well-being.

If parents are confident they are doing all they can to make sure their children are safe, well-nourished, play and learn actively and create opportunities which build social and emotional confidence, they can rest assured that they are doing all they can to lay the path for a happy and positive future.

As well as general well-being, this handbook will help you to understand when is the right time to call NHS 111, visit your GP, chat to your school nurse or take a visit to your local pharmacy.

Every parent wants to know what to do if their child is unwell and how to recognise the signs. Trust your instincts, you know your child best, so if you are worried get further advice.

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